Are you ready for ESEF reporting?

Last week MerchantCantos hosted a seminar to explore how UK reporters can prepare for the upcoming European Single Electronic Format. With first reports due to be published in early 2021, the topic is rising rapidly up clients’ reporting and communications agendas, and rightly so.

In the film below, we heard first from participants in two markets that have already been down this route. Nina Eisenman, Director at MC in New York, described how US reporters responded when the SEC introduced digital reporting 10 years ago and Rob Bessinger, Director of platform provider Ince International, outlined the experience in South Africa. Former asset manager Alison Thomas then provided a UK institutional investor’s perspective.

Thomas Toomse-Smith, Project Director, updated us on developments at the Financial Reporting Lab, highlighting areas of uncertainty that continue to surround implementation of the new regulations and MC Director of Strategy, Annie Bissett talked through some of the key issues and questions for UK reporters.

Finally, Rob gave a more detailed description of one of the platforms available to help companies respond to the new requirements and turn what could be seen as a challenge into a real opportunity.

The seminar generated a lively debate about the benefits, potential pitfalls and importance of the new format and, in turn, the future of annual reporting.

ESEF is a going to have a major impact on the way that all listed companies in Europe will be required to file their annual reports. If you would like to speak with someone in our Investor Communications team to learn more about how we can help you navigate the new regulations, please let us know.

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