ESG report

How does an e-commerce giant show progress on social responsibility?

Through focused, transparent reporting.

Since Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba’s record-breaking IPO in 2014 the business has continued to evolve its approach to governance, environment and social issues. Investors expect increasing transparency of the businesses they invest in and Alibaba wanted to provide more information about how the businesses is run and how it is managing responsibilities and risks.

To communicate a bold, focused direction, MerchantCantos and Brunswick worked with Alibaba to create a new social responsibility report, available in summary as a standalone website and as an interactive PDF. With disclosure on material issues from cybersecurity to data protection and corporate governance – plus a design style that draws on Alibaba’s unique heritage and mission, the report is the first port of call for investors and other stakeholders who want to understand Alibaba’s approach to doing business responsibly and effectively.

See the full ESG report on Alibaba's site.