Anti-Slavery Statement

5th August 2017

This statement is made on behalf of Brunswick Group LLP and its affiliated entities (Brunswick Group) pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 (Act). Group Structure

Brunswick Group is a global advisory firm with a global network, of 24 offices in 14 countries specialising in critical issues and corporate relations.

Our Commitment

Brunswick Group committed to ensuring that there is no slavery or forced compulsory human labour in any part of our business or its associated supply chain and ensuring that human rights violations do not occur within the business or any of elements of our supply chain.

Supply Chain

Brunswick Group strongly believes in maintaining effective transparency amongst all areas of its business. Given the nature of the services we provide, we have a simple supply chain model built around supporting our core business advisory practices and maintaining our global premises, systems and infrastructure.The service providers that support our business can be broadly grouped as follows:

The service providers that support our business can be broadly grouped as follows:

  • Physical business services -which consists of the services and products we purchase to maintain our global office environments, for example cleaning, security, and stationary/ printer providers;
  • Information services - which consist of the physical and online media sources to which we acquire access in order to support client advisory activities;
  • Data services - which consists of the Information technology services, infrastructure and software tools we procure in order to facilitate the management and storage of data that the business generates or receives;
  • Professional services - which consists of external lawyers, accountants, property agents and insurance specialists; and
  • Travel services - as the business Partners maybe in engaged in travelling for business purposes, the firm engages with travel agents and other booking providers in order to plan these trips.

Policy within the HR guide

Brunswick Group has implemented a number of human resources, compliance and risk policies which all employees must comply with.

Whistleblowing policy

Brunswick Group has implemented a confidential process through which employees may formally raise and escalate all issues of potential concern within the business. This includes without limitation issues relating to slavery or forced compulsory human labour.

Under the policy, employees are required to send an email to the following confidential email address: [email protected]

Wider Community

Brunswick Group is committed to assisting and promoting human rights initiatives and other charitable causes. For further details please see

Anti-corruption and Business Ethics

  • Brunswick Group requires all of its employees to adhere to its core compliance policies which cover the areas of greatest perceived risk for the business.
  • Brunswick Group maintains a zero tolerance approach to breaches of the high ethical standards and practice it expects from its employees.
  • All new employees are required to undertake online compliance training which is tracked and recorded. Existing employees must also undertake this training at least once again on an annual basis.
  • Where ethical standards of any particular individual are not being maintained at our high standard, it will be escalated to the appropriate line manager and human resources.

Compliance Measures

  • We are taking a risk-based approach to the assessment of particular suppliers in the context of the Act.
  • We will use reasonable efforts to include an obligation in our commercial agreements that require suppliers (and any sub-contractors they deploy in performance of services for us) to comply with the Act.
  • We will use reasonable efforts to reserve for ourselves a right of audit in our commercial agreements with suppliers in the event that we suspect that a supplier is in breach of the Act.
  • We will use reasonable efforts to include a termination right in our commercial agreements with suppliers in the event that we have reasonable evidence to suggest that a supplier is in breach of the Act.
  • Brunswick Group is actively promoting its Whistleblowing Policy to its employees and is reminding them that they are under an obligation to report and escalate any concerns they may have of any slavery and human trafficking within our organization and supply chains.

Download a  PDF version of our statement for full details.